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Perfect Life Balance is a Myth.

Did you Know: Beach sand in your underwear improves productivity.

These are all big terms being thrown around lately. But what’s the actual gain? What is the aim of being whole, healthy and having a holistic approach to life?

We believe it’s like standing on a surf board – stick with us here. A surfer is never in perfect balance, yet he or she is always adjusting, moving or working on their style and trying again.

Balance is therefore an ongoing, constant effort – never really achieved but something one is always striving for. Now the “striving for” is where the work comes into play. That’s the golden slot where the effort, pain and sweat plays out.

What’s our point? Come fix something that’s bugging you while keeping your work on a roll. We have incredible friends as health and wellness practitioners in the Garden Route. We know them personally as we’ve walked a journey with them over the years. Yeah we’ve all got our issues to deal with. No one escapes life without scars, trauma or a health glitch. And we’re no different.

Some of our friends:

  • Jon Morley – a handsome & comfortable man, a rockstar of holistically looking into the surface elements of your diet, mind space, daily habits, past life events and advising which approach you can take – from the natural root around the corner to the hard-line, trauma breath work session. A great place to start. (oh and he’s also a DJ)
  • Izak Barnard – One of the funniest, most straight forward & brilliant cool cats we know who specializes in trauma release exercises and just simple chats really. Stress, insomnia, anger, low self-esteem, depression and much more – he’s got your back!
  • Vitali Health – this is the mecca of fixing ANYthing you come across in life. From bunions to life beatings, from an upset stomach to brain fog and performance – this group of epic individuals will have you sorted out within a month! This is also Jon Morley’s practice – he’s like the handsome, relaxed yet brilliant doorman planning your trip down “sort-me-the-heck-out” lane.

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